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report vetting.

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We provide Template Reviews & Quality Checks

What is a Template Review?

As professionals, we know that residential surveyors and valuers want to deliver their reports to the highest standards. That's why getting the fundamental basics right is so important. If you are a residential surveyor and/or valuer, our Template Review is a great place to start if you have a custom survey or valuation report template.


Our Template Review is an appraisal of your survey or valuation template to inform you; whether it meets minimum requirements, what amendments are needed to comply; and suggestions for improvement. These suggestions can include commentary on the format of your templates so that you know your client is receiving advice in a format that is easy to digest. 


We cross-check valuation templates against RICS Red Book requirements, and survey templates against relevant standards. This service provides you with an independent appraisal so that you can understand how it best serves your client. You will receive a report from us to tell you everything you need to know to achieve excellence.

What is a Quality Check Report?

This is a part-audit and part-quality check service that assesses the content of your survey or valuation reports against the relevant criteria and standards. We inform you; whether your written report meets minimum requirements; what actions are required for future reports to meet those requirements; and any suggested improvements we think would enhance your client's experience.

See below to understand the process:

Report Vetting Process Flow Chart.png

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