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Future-proof your business


We enable residential surveyors to differentiate themselves


Residential surveyors and valuers are trusted sources of professional advice. As such, they are in prime position to inform and advise home owners and occupiers on relevant areas of sustainability. If you are a residential surveyor and/or valuer, we are committed to giving you the information and tools you need to deliver best advice to your clients. We do this by helping you look at property differently. We provide training that supports you to undertake a more holistic and whole-house approach to your surveys and valuations, considering and reporting on sustainability aspects beyond that of just energy efficiency.


Our training includes topics such as climate change, net zero and other areas of sustainability, all relating to residential property. This training will prepare you to answer growing concerns among clients of today and clients of the future. By undertaking our training, we will help you deliver more purpose-led and meaningful reports that will make you the surveyor of choice.

Report Phrasing

We know that it's difficult to get started when it comes to reporting on sustainability attributes and features of property. We can get you up and running with our set of unique survey phrases. These phrases enable you to identify, record and deliver more information and data to clients on things that matter beyond defects alone. We empower you to provide information on environmental, social and economic risks to property so that a home buyer can better prepare themselves for the future. We want you to elevate yourself above the competition and this will certainly do that!

Contact us to find out more and to see some example phrases included in this product.

Time to make a change?

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